Winning the Big Bucks

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Gambling is there for your entertainment, but of course those huge payouts are enticing. Winning a multimillion dollar jackpot leaves a lot to luck and chance. There are two games that offer multimillion dollar jackpots: progressive slots and lotteries. But which boasts the better odds of winning the big bucks?

Comparing the Odds: Slots vs. Lotto
Here’s a brief rundown of the odds of winning each of these jackpots.

Slot Machines
With bigger jackpots than table games, slot machines are the most popular games in today’s casinos. Progressive machines claim the highest jackpots. A portion of the money put into the game by each player is funneled into the jackpot, so the jackpot climbs higher and higher as more and more people play. Compared to playing the lottery, gambling on slot machines gives you greater potential for loss at a higher price…with lower odds of winning. Still, playing the slots gives you the opportunity to win many more smaller and medium-sized payments than lottery games.

By playing the lottery, you give yourself better odds of actually taking home that multimillion dollar jackpot. Lotto tickets come at a lower cost than a spin for the jackpot in a slot game. On the other hand, even if you play the lotto regularly, you’re likely to most often only win nothing or a very small amount. If lotto is the way you want to go, keep in mind that state lotteries have better odds than national lotteries.

Finally, remember that bigger prizes in any game are harder to win. You can increase your odds of taking home something by playing games for smaller prizes.

Hosting Game Night at Your Apartment

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Want a great way for your friends to gather in one place and have a great time? Think about hosting a game night in your apartment. Not only will all your friends be able to gather and enjoy the evening but you will provide them with a fun and engaging night of gambling.

If you are not sure what games you would want to have your guest to play you should probably try to keep the games as universal as possible. Many people know how to play black jack but not everyone knows how to play poker. If you are introducing a game that everyone is not familiar with then you should include a copy of directions and rules for the game so that everyone will be able to learn how to play.

If you and your friends are comfortable betting on the games then you should set some rules for how the bets should be placed. Make sure that everyone is comfortable betting before the betting begins. If pepole are not comfortable laying down money, then consider having some games where bets are placed and some games where no bets are placed. Also, clarify the betting limit. Since the night is supposed to be fun and care free, insist that no bets are placed higher than a certain amount. Setting down laws and rules for the evening will save people from feeling uncomfortable later.

Another fun option for hosting a gambling night in your home would be to see if there are slot machines that you could rent for the evening. While no one will hit a jack pot, they will have fun trying.

Hosting Game Night at Your Apartment

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Bringing friends together for an evening of card playing, such as poker, can be a fun and memorable event. In order for your party to run smoothly, it’s best to make a list of what you will need and have as much set up as possible before your guests arrive. Keeping it simple is best, but you will still need to make sure you are prepared so the guests will be comfortable.

Many owners of Chicago apartments find themselves hosting a game night every so often. If you will be having it at your home for the first time, there are a few things you will need to have on hand. One of the most important item’s is food! A variety of snacks is best, as this ensures you have something for everyone, but doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Have a small table set up that will hold food items such as chips and dip, pretzels, and simple finger foods. A cooler with ice and cold drinks sitting by the food table is ideal.

Other items you will need to have on hand include: enough chairs for everyone, and a large table. This last is a must, as there will not only be cards and chips taking up space, but food and drinks as well. Specially made poker tables are available for rent if your every-day table isn’t large enough.

Hosting your first game night needn’t be stressful. By offering guests plenty of food and drink, the atmosphere is sure to be fun and full of laughs.

Viva Las Vegas: Best Sights

Hands down one of the most well-known gambling and entertainment cities in the world is the infamous Las Vegas, Nevada. Bright neon signs, larger-than-life casinos and a wealth of attractions makes Las Vegas a fantastic holiday destination for gamblers and sight-seers alike. When in Las Vegas there are a multitude of things to see and do, but definitely don’t miss the following:


Las Vegas is home to some of the best entertainment in the business. Whether your interests lie in the amazing body-bending tricks of Cirque du Soleil, listening to famous musical acts or models strutting their stuff at the Fashion Show Mall, no trip to Vegas is complete without taking in at least one show.

Building Design

Las Vegas may be famous for gambling, but the casinos themselves are worthy of awe. From the gigantic pyramid-shaped Luxor to the miniature canals at the Venecian, it’s impossible to walk far along the Strip without seeing something unique. Don’t miss the fountain shows at the Bellagio, especially at night.


Vegas caters to all kinds, even the adrenaline junkies! The roller coaster at New York, New York or the dizzyingly high rides atop the Stratosphere are fun and exciting ways to experience the city from above.


Scarcely escaping notice in the City of Sin is the gambling scene. Vegas boasts a multitude of casinos for all ranges of gambler. For poker enthusiasts the World Series of Poker at the Rio is an exciting event to take part in or even just watch.

These are just a handful of attractions available in Las Vegas. The city truly has something for everyone.

Are Online Gambling Odds Better?

Anyone who gambles wants to win big. Therefore, a logical question to ask would be whether online gambling odds are better than the ones in an actual casino. If you could stay home and play your favorite game with a better chance of winning money, then think of the the bottom line savings you could achieve. The online casinos understand this kind of thinking, so the answer is “yes.” Online gambling odds can be better.

The key phrase for better odds in an online casino is “can be better.” Indeed, some online casinos allow the player to use different rule variations. This can make the game advantageous to the player. Some sites will also stack the odds a little more in the favor of the player than they would in Las Vegas. Where slots are concerned, some online casinos allow the machines to be set so that certain images appear at a rate that is set by the player. Over time, the player knows these images will appear. It’s really a good business strategy. A player-friendly casino will have repeat visits from a winner.

Another good strategy for both the casinos and the players is the online casino bonus. It draws in the players, who in turn save money. These online casinos offer coupons and discounts for a variety of games, so every type of gambler can enjoy some savings. Although some sites move the odds towards the player’s advantage, they’re never going to give such a big edge that the casino would lose, so online casino bonuses are a smart way to explore which gambling sites offer the best odds.

To Legalize or Not to Legalize: Online Gaming

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Gambling is a term that is used by Americans daily to refer to taking risks and making bets with money; however, due to negative connotations regarding unlawfulness, casinos and states that allow betting are urging the use of a more appropriate term: gaming. Gambling and gaming are not synonyms for one another and as the world of gaming has undergone a surge in participation and profit, it is attempting to put into use a cleaner and more pleasing term in order to give the activity a better reputation. In correspondence with this effort, some states are changing the ways that gaming is described in their constitutional provisions and what exactly gaming entails.
The real issue with gaming laws lately are the stipulations of internet gaming and exactly what is allowed and what is not. Currently three major online poker companies in the United States are facing lawsuits for violating the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, known as UIGEA, which prohibits websites from deliberately accepting money associated with illegal online gaming pursuits. This case has caused an uproar among gamers and legislators alike, and renewed the argument that online gaming should be completely legalized in the United States.
Opponents of legalizing online gaming believe that it would detract business from physical casinos and reduce tourism to popular gaming locales, and allow for more underage and habitual gaming by making it more readily available. Advocates of online gaming believe it would actually prevent such problems as juveniles gaming or compulsively playing, and have already founded clubs and organizations dedicated to legalizing it.

Games and Casinos and the Love of Blackjack

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Compared to other casino games, Blackjack is a “hands-down” player favorite. Also known as “Twenty-One”, this game of luck (as well as memory skills) remains one of the most popular casino games in the world!

Blackjack is player-friendly in comparison to other casino offerings. The reason for this unique attribute is due to a wide plethoria of available player decisions, as opposed to dumb luck.

The table consists of one dealer and an average of seven players. Players have an opportunity to “Hit”, “Stand”, “Split”, or “Double-Down” as desired after their two initial cards are dealt. Strategy books and cards are available to the novice player, offering guidance in specific situations. The goal for each player, playing against the dealer versus the other players, is to achieve a total of “21″ without taking a “hit” and going over.

Face cards count as ten points, and aces have dual values of one and/or eleven. Ideally, if the dealer has to “hit” and goes over “21″, everyone at the table wins, assuming they have not gone over “21″ during their respective turns.

A “Blackjack” or “21″ pays off more than a routine win, which occurs when a player outranks the dealer in points without “busting”. Rules vary in different establishments regarding the arts of “doubling-down”, “splitting” and whether or not the dealer has to “hit” in certain situations.

VIDEO BLACKJACK is available in-home, and in casinos. This is a much more private way to learn and enjoy the game if you are a bit shy about initially exposing yourself to a live table game in your favorite casino. An important bit of advice: practice, practice, practice! Enhance your good fortune with some well-made decisions and you can come out a winner!


The Birth of Slot Machines and American Gambling

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Things will never be the same, due to a machinist by the name of Charles Fey.

In 1887, In San Francisco, California, Mr. Fey invented the nickel-operated “one- armed-bandit”. However, Charles Fey could not produce these little gold mines fast enough in his little workshop. Everyone caught wind of the spinning reels and yearned to pull the lever, too! Thus, many other manufacturers begged for distribution rights, but were continued to be steadfastedly refused.

As a consequence, in 1907, Herbert Stephen Mills, (who possessed arcade game manufacturing experience) produced a similar machine to Fey’s. Mill’s Machine was named the “Operator’s Bell”.

It doesn’t end here as far as Mr. Fey’s ingenuity goes. In 1929, Charles Fey built America’s first silver dollar-operated slot machine.

By 1910, slot machines started to spring up everywhere. With the steady growth of the lowly slot machine came corruption and racketeering, co-existing with legal machines and legitimate business persons.

Slot machines during the 1930’s had a routine payout percentage of 50 percent, when they weren’t tampered with or “bugged”. This is how the famous legend of the “one-armed –bandit” came to be.

Two unsavory Midwestern bandits were unknowingly playing a “bugged” machine. One of them complained after a series of losses: “You sure don’t need to hold up anyone, not if you own a couple of machines like this.” The other retorted: “Yeah……and this bandit has only one arm.”


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In wagering, as in gardening, you will need to:

1. Learn the basics

2. Refine your techniques

3. Map out the area

4. Use the proper tools

5. Understand, cultivate and improve your methods

6. Select and protect

7. Weed out undesirables


In any game, and in any environment, you need to learn the basics. Become familiar with whatever endeavor you are about to undertake. ALWAYS FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Gaming and planting are not all that different. Both involve planning, attention to detail, and pure luck!

Once you have become familiar with your “game”, just as in planting, you will need to test your methods, and refine your technique. Create your own successful process, step-by-step, through your own experiences and with advice from the pros.

Mapping out your target area is important, as is setting time limits. Do not go to an unfamiliar location without doing your research and your homework. Become familiar with the “lay of the land”.

Use your TOOLS, and always keep them sharp! In gambling, these are: Casino guides, “cheat sheets” or cards explaining detailed game play, DVD’s, books, and the Internet. Use your search engine and find all you can regarding your game, your destination, and any other pertinent information. Always understand the need to keep current, and continue to learn. You will not be sorry. In planting and in gaming, there is much to decipher and to understand. Your most important tool is your mind. Streamline and improve your methods of play. Carefully choose and target your intended space. Select and protect your territory! “Weed out” any unwanted distractions and bad “vibes”.

If you do all of these things, and Lady Luck is with you, you just might CLEAN UP!


Gambling in Places Other than a Casino

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You can gamble in a church, at a festival, in a bus, at a friend’s house, or just about anywhere you like.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, regarding church gambling: remember, the proceeds go to the church. In your mind, this should be a GOOD thing – as, if you lose, you will not feel quite as bad if you are contributing to a good cause. The same applies to festivals – you will usually be made aware of what organization will benefit from proceeds taken in. At churches and festivals, you may expect games ranging from “Over and Under” to the “Wheel of Fortune” to Blackjack, Poker and Instant Bingo tickets

Much fun can be had by gambling on a tour bus on the way to your casino destination. What better way to start off a junket than to win a little pot of cash with which to begin?

A friendly Poker game at home is always fun, just keep in mind politeness and proper etiquette. You do not wish for your Poker buddies to become lifelong enemies. By all means, share food and drink costs, and clean-up duties as well.