How To Setting A Plastic Injection Machine

Using a plastic injection machine may not be easy for beginners. Errors in regulating this machine can make damage to the engine and ball screw repair is one of the repairs that must be done. Therefore, it needs to be true and right so that the machine can function properly. The following description of the basic ways to adjust or setting products for plastic injection machines that site.

• The first thing we set is the temperature of the barrel by the material data sheet (MSDS). Until the temperature is reached. Check the complete mold, cooling circulation and the condition of the mold to be set.
• Clean the surface of the core and cavity from anti-rust with a clean cloth. At the time of cleaning the mold, please note if the mold uses a slider. Often the slider is accidentally touched and causes the position of the home slider to change. This can result in the slider colliding with the angular pin so that the angular pin is broken or bent.
• After the core and cavity surfaces have been cleaned from anti-rust then we proceed to the mold close and mold open settings.
• The thing to note in the close, open mold setting is the mold construction and the position of the speed switch limit switch and the high-press switch limit position. The basic rules for setting mold close are mold close high speed —-> mold close slowdown & low press ——> mold close high-press.
• The position of the low press limit switch is positioned as follows 2.5 cm before the angular pin or guide pin enters the bushing limit switch must be touched. This is necessary so that when the mold closes, there is no hard impact between the core and cavity.

To adjust the position of the high press temporarily blank first.
After we adjust the speed and distance of the limit switch for the mold close to the mold construction, we continue to adjust the mold open.
The open mold adjustment is the opposite of the closed mold, which is open slow mold —–> open high-speed mold —–> slow mold open —–> open stop.
the basic rule is 2cm after the guide pin or angular comes out of the mold bushing the open high-speed limit switch is touched. Then we set the open stop mold position. The width of the mold opening is at least 2 X the product length + runner length.

• After setting up the open class, then testing the mold close mold closing is open. The point of this adjustment is that the mold is safe and the movement is efficient. No smooth mold does not occur high press so that the mold is not damaged. The maximum pressure of high-press is 140Kg / cm², while the low press is a maximum pressure of 55kg / cm².
• The next step is to adjust the ejector. Set the stroke length of the eject until the product is easily picked up or dropped and the ejector plate should not be stuck with the backplate of the core.

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